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Cunningham, Biscuit and the Ghost of Caption Nichols

Cunningham the pig and Biscuit the goat are not your ordinary farm animals—they are also detectives! When they join their human friends on a field trip to the historic Hardman Farm, outside Helen, Goergia, much solve a mystery and prove Biscuit is not a thief. A precious pearl Miss Judy, their friend’s school teacher, has gone missing. Can they find it before it’s too late?

With the help of a friendly ghost and some woodland creatures, Cunningham and Biscuit follow the clues and uncover the truth behind the bracelet’s disappearance. It’s a fun and exciting adventure that will keep children guessing.

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Cunningham the pig and Biscuit the goat are not your ordinary farm animals. And when they take part in a school field trip to the historic Hardman Farm, they encounter a mystery. Miss. Judy, their friend’s teacher, loses a precious pearl earring that belonged to her grandmother and thinks poor Buscuit took it.

The children and their animal friends search everywhere, but the bracelet is nowhere to be found, so they must leave the farm without it. Although the park is now closed, Ranger Will gives them permission for Cunningham and Buscuit to stay and search for the missing earring and prove Biscuit’s innocence.

That night, they meet the friendly ghost of Captain Nichols, the farm’s former owner, who helps them search. Along the way several woodland animals also help. They’re all obliging except the racoon, who is busy hiding something under a rock in the brook running through farm.

Will the raccoon’s secret ruin their plan? Join them on this thrilling and hilarious adventure as the animals follow the clues and uncover the truth.

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