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Memories Etched in Pott’ry

The action all happens on one summer’s day in 1958. But when that day is done, you’ll know Cheever Meaders and his wife, Arie, as they really were. 

These two amazing people come to life again through a fictional encounter with a then unknown young artist from Atlanta, John Kollock, and his future wife, Nancy when they drop by for a visit.

As an eight-year-old Emory Jones listens to conversations between these artists from different generations, we hear stories of a time gone by—a time when handmade pottery was a necessity in rural Georgia. 

As the boy listens and learns, the reader witnesses the artistry of these iconic potters in their humble shop near Mossy Creek.

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  • "This is much more than a book about pottery. It's a book about life. And once you've read it, you'll feel you know the characters personally."—Wayne Hardy, Editor and Publisher, White County News
  • "Emory has written a wonderful memoir that allows us to glimpse the famous potters, Cheever and Arie Meaders as skilled potters and delightful people. One gets to understand the changing times that made Cheever's life calling obsolete."—Ann Banke, Retired educator and lover of history
  • "This book is a must for all interested in Georgia history as well as those who have a love for the art of "turning and burning" as old-time potters did it in the past." A word of caution: Once you start reading, it's impossible to stop until the end."—William M. House, Attorney at Law and avid pottery collector
  • "Fess Parker, a rooster named Joe, Shooting Yankees from the front porch, mule measles and daisies on pottery…heck…just read it, you'll love it!"—Doug Dahlgren, Radio host and author of the Son series

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In this fascinating account of rural life as it once was, Emory Jones takes us to a summer day he spent in his great-uncle Cheever Meaders’ pottery shop as a child. 

The boy listens and watches as two visitors (Young artist John Kollock and his future wife, Nancy) drop by to purchase pottery. The two wind up spending the day watching the pottery-making process and encouraging Cheever and his wife, Arie, to talk about pottery, family and life in the North Georgia mountains.

The anecdotes and stories in the book are the ones Jones heard growing up around the Meaders pottery shop in rural White County, Georgia. Entertaining—at times poignant—this delightful memoir recounts a time when the pottery shop was a place of magic and adventure for an eight-year-old boy.

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