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Valley Voices From The Hardman Farm State Historic Site

Valley Voices—From the Hardman Farm State Historic Site is a journey through the rich and diverse history of Nacoochee Valley, Georgia. Emory Jones invites you to explore the stories of the people who lived and worked on this land, from the Native Americans who left behind a mysterious mound to the Civil War hero who built a majestic mansion to the Governor who transformed the farm into a dairy empire. You will learn about their struggles, achievements, legacy, and the secrets and mysteries of the valley they called home.

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As Emory Jones writes in Valley Voices—From the Hardman Farm State Historic Site, “Folks around here just call Nacoochee Valley, ‘The Valley.’ And they say it as if there is only one valley in the entire world, excepting, of course, Sautee, which lies perpendicular to Nacoochee, a mile or so east.”

Valley Voices lets the reader travel back in time and witness the lives of the people who shaped the history of Nacoochee Valley and what is now Hardman Farm.

Valley Voices recounts them all, from the Native Americans who built the mysterious mound by the Chattahoochee River to the pioneers who settled this land in the early 1800s. First, you’ll meet Daniel Brown, the 1822 settler who built a log cabin on what is now Hardman Farm. Next comes Captain James Hall Nichols, the Civil War veteran who built the mansion and named Anna Ruby Falls after his daughter.

Then there is Calvin Hunnicutt, who owned the farm for a decade in the late 1800s, and Dr. L.G. Hardman, the Georgia Governor who turned this place into Georgia’s largest dairy farm. Valley Voices recounts these stories and more.

You’ll also discover the secrets and stories hidden in the old Indian Mound, excavated in 1915 to reveal fascinating artifacts and evidence of ancient cultures.

Valley Voices is the basis for an outdoor drama that further explores this valley’s history and many stories.

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