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Zipping Through Georgia On a Goat-Powered Time Machine with Ludlow Porch and a Parrot Named Pete

Emory Jones has given us the incredible gift of seeing significant parts of Georgia’s rich history through the eyes of her much-loved son, Ludlow Porch. We get to attend these events firsthand through vivid descriptions.

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  • "Thou hast nary an inkling of the merriment herein."—General James Oglethorpe
  • "It captured me like a squad of Union soldiers."—Jefferson Davis
  • "This book is so good; the kids ate up every page!"—The Goat Man
  • "This ranks right up there with 'The Grapes of Wrath' and some other book I read one time."—Ludlow Porch
  • "The audio is even better than the book. We listened to it going home from Georgia and laughed the whole way. The author's enthusiasm comes through loud and clear."—Walter and Sandy Shade, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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This book lets you travel in an imaginary time machine to witness some of Georgia’s “historical” events. Emory Jones uses his considerable imagination to take readers on a fanciful flight through the years with his friend, Ludlow Porch.

The pair set out for Savannah to see James Oglethorpe’s arrival in 1733, but instead, land atop Stone Mountain in 1928. The time machine then detours to northwest Georgia’s Barnsley Gardens, Kennesaw, for the Great Locomotive Chase, then to Royston to see the Goat Man in 1956.

They even make it to Irwinville, GA, to witness the capture of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.  The book is a laugh a line, fun and definitely out of the ordinary.

*For even more fun, try the 210-minute audio version of the book as narrated by the author, Emory Jones. The audio comes as a three-CD set.

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