What did you do on your Coronavirus vacation?

I guess everybody has something different to tell about that experience, but it’s my observation that the lockdown of 2020 presented folks with three options. One could either become a great cook, the town drunk or write a book.

Always an over-achiever, I decided to try my hand at all three. But the great cook idea evaporated about a minute after I asked my wife how to go about boiling water.   

She put the kibosh on me becoming the town drunk, too. But I think that’s mostly because we live so far out in the country.

Since my only option was the book deal, that’s what I did.

Having already written volumes about history, travel and time machines, the orderly progression seemed to be a tome about pigs. I mean, who doesn’t like pigs—especially funny ones?

I think it turned out more or less as well as a pig book can turn out. My friend Jim Powell, from up around Young Harris did the illustrations for Cunningham and Other Pigs I Have Known, which is an appropriate title, since that’s exactly what the darn thing is about.

Once I started writing, I was surprised at how many pigs I had met over the years. Of course, that’s probably true for everybody.

Jim did a fine job on those illustrations, too. In fact, several folks have mentioned they bought the book more for his pictures than my prose.

Oh well, it’s something all the time.

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    The Conversation

  1. Marion says:

    FUNNY POST! Can’t wait to read the book!!!!!!

  2. Atha Dalton says:

    Oh Emory I am so thrilled for your new web-site! You make me smile anytime I read your stories whether they are about pigs or anything else. Congratulations.